Best no crop apps for Instagram

Nowadays, more and more applications are installed on mobile phones and their activities are enjoyable. However, some applications have flaws. Fortunately, these defects can be offset by other applications. As we all know, Facebook’s AdSpace and Instagram are a feature that allows users to show their everyday life, work or other activities to everyone. This feature was appreciated by all users as it was discovered.

A survey shows that more than 300 million active users on Instagram will post the Insta story daily. With such a large number of story enthusiasts, there is still some defect and complaints about the automatic cropping of their photos.

Many users complain that this automatic cropping of images can reduce the quality of the film and reduce their images as an important element. Well, this big setback has been around for a while now. Fortunately, smart developers have found solutions and developed very good applications to fill this gap.

So, what is the best crop for Instagram or WhatsApp? Please read the list below!

No Crop & Square

As the name implies, No Crop & Square is better than any cropping app to help them with a full range of images in Instagram or Whatsapp without cropping. This Instagram culture app provides a user-friendly interface, which includes an image editor for photos posted by Instagram with more photos.

Using this new culture for the Instagram app, you can edit your images with multiple filters and make them more interesting and engaging. Well, look at its features now:


  • Immediately post a photo in full size without cultivation.
  • Rotate, rotate, or resize your photos.
  • Awesome photography college models to choose from.
  • More than 30 filters are beautiful with your photos.
  • Choose from over 200 free background patterns.
  • More than 400 stickers and emoji stickers make your photos so interesting.
  • Click on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or a place.

InSquare Pic

Instagram is one of the highest ranked crop circles, the InSquare Peak is powerful, but still very easy to use. With this all-in-one use, you can create shocking high-quality images and clips using various frames, stickers, backlit, and wires. This allows any Instagram cropping feature to easily resize images to fit Instagram or WhatsApp. With hundreds of emoji media, you can make your photos cool and fun.


  • Instagram records high quality images without any cropping.
  • Distinctive filters and specials have been converted into works of art.
  • Interesting emoji stickers and text give your photos a really cool look.
  • Beautiful hashtags make your photos
  • Many implementations in the background, such as dim, shield, mosaic.
  • User-friendly interface.

Square Quick Pro

This is one of the best no-crop apps of Instagram and Whatsapp. With this, you can create great, high-quality photos and attributes by using filters, stickers, backgrounds, and lessons for Instagram and Instagram. This Instagram culture is rated at 4.6 on the Play Store and liked by users.


  • Crop the image on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
  • Post four different images of the Instagram story with fun emoticons and stickers.
  • You can choose dozens of fonts to reveal what you need.
  • Use a color brush to take a picture.
  • Brightness, contrast, adjust temperature and concentration.
  • Lights and shadows, sharpness and blur
  • Create stunning, high-quality photography goals with academic decision-makers.

So, here are some of the best no crop apps for Instagram. The above mentioned apps are really great and offers wide range of features. No matter which one you going to choose, you will like it for sure. Make sure you try it and share your thoughts.

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