How To Create Boomerang From The Existing Video?

Hottie, people. Are you hooked on Instagram and Snapchat? Do you have different types of videos on Instagram and Snapchat? If you make different videos, you need to know what to look for the video. Yes, I’m talking about Boomerang video. Do you want to make Boomerang videos? Instagram, Instagram stories, Whatsapp status, Twitter and Facebook are posting videos that are essential. If you use Snapchat and the Instagram app, you will get the Bhoomarang feature. You can take a picture of it, you can share it with Instagram or Snapchat.

But what happens if you climb the videos available in your gallery? Sometimes we do not want to complete the old video when the
Boomerang feature is not available. So do not worry about that. Here I share a tour with the current video of the Boomerang that we have in our gallery or our file manager. Let’s understand what the first boomerang is.

What is the video on the Boomerang?

The Boomerang video explodes a very short and very fast photo and works by simultaneously assembling the video back and forth. In short, let’s say a little video loop. So, you can call around the video.

A Boomerang Big Instagram video is the most fun thing where people download boomerang videos with strange results in their story. Boomerang from your Instagram tool and loop on your live video album will explode in seconds. What would you like to create a Boomerang of your current video? Can you make a curved video from a film? What video on the Boomerang converter online? Yes, you can create Boomerang from your current video, not only from your iOS video but also from your Android device. Read how the Boomerang video was recorded.

How to create Boomerang from Existing Video

Now we gonna see, how to make Boomerang from Existing video on Android. Follow the given steps:

  • Go to the Playstore and search for Boomerang Video Maker and download Boomerate.
  • Once the app download is completed, it will ask you to allow permissions. Allow permission to take pictures, record video, and audio, access photos, media, and files.
  • You will get some instructions on the screen, read it and proceed further.
  • Now select the File icon and select the video form the File Manager.
  • The video will be loaded, then select the part of video which you want to boomerang and then tap on to Save.
  • Now the boomerang video is ready. If you want to save it, tap on save. You can also modify it if you want.
  • There are features like Forward, Reverse, Forward + Reverse or Reverse + Forward. You can even change the speed of the forward and reverse video. You can also add filters to the videos, sounds pretty cool right???…
  • Once you set everything, tap on save. Then using the share icon you can export it to any social media.

That’s it, you have successfully created a boomerang form the existing video. If quite easy and what are you waiting for, try it out and share your videos. If you have any queries, comment to us

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