Best Warframe Builds and Loadouts of 2019

Warframe, the game has evolved from just a few planets and missions to a sprawling war game. With dozens of warframes and hundreds of mods to choose, you need to build your Warframe. Warframe players have endless freedom when it comes to building their warframes.

In many cases, it depends on the Warframe you choose. Then you need you to configure your Warframe with a suitable build and some weapon load-outs. So here, we are going to see some of the best warframe builds and Loadouts.

Best Warframe Builds and Loadouts

Since there are different types of missions in Warframe, it’s not possible for one framework to rule them all. However, whether you are a survivalist tank, a devastated DPS or looking for effective support, there are certain warframe that suit well for certain tasks.

The best versions of warframe are to use Warframe’s abilities to specialize in one or both of these specific tasks. This guide will cover the warframe you need for these types of objectives and how to build them to your highest potential.

Best survivability Warframe Builds


Equinox is a dual personality warframe. It can transform into two different combat types, based on its day or night versions. She is a very unique warframe because of her ability to switch between two different forms. This warframe alternates between the day and night sides. Its abilities change with these changes – which is pretty cool if you think about it.

His skill set shines in crowd control, damage and heal, making her very capable of certain roles. The Framing process is quite annoying and frustrating, as you need to fram both her day and night aspect parts. It seems stupid to push this owner away on demand, and it’s very difficult. But when you’ve finally done it, you will start loving it. Get to know more about the best Equinox builds and their abilities.


This is one of the best options for survivability warframe. It’s the whole theme is based on coming back from the dead. Inaros’s passive ability allows him to revive himself after absorbing the health of enemies. In addition, Inaros can use their fourth ability Scarab swarm to increase their armor by 100% in health care costs.

Her first and second abilities, Desiccation and Devour, allow Inaros to be ready to absorb the health from his enemies. Mods like Vitality and Steel Fiber will help you to keep your health and armor high. Inaros do not have shields, so don’t worry about the shield amplification mods.

Instead, use Stretch and Over Extended mods to increase the range of Desiccation. You can use enter Adrenaline to convert a part of health damage received to energy.

Primary weapons

Warframes encourage you to try more weapons. It not only creates your mastery quality but also gives you access to new materials and weapons. It also offers many options for difficult tasks. The two weapons below are available at the start of the game. You can browse through them throughout the final game content.


When you kill bosses, a stalker will start to follow you. If you manage to kill that Stalker you will get the Dread Weapon. It is the best bow in the game.

Dread Primary Weapon

It combines solid damage with a high critical chance and multiplier. This makes it the one that can get you to the final game without any problems. Modify it for damage, complex chances and multishot and launch a basic damage mode, you have a dreadful hell weapon.

Like Braton, there is no real secret to making this weapon. The net damage from serrations is always the best thing to do. Some of the multishot methods, such as split pieces, can be much slower.


For Shotgun fans, Hek Mastery is available in the 4th Rank. It collects all of its particles in a short cone, preventing too much power for short distances. It should be familiar with conventional shotguns so that you can charge through large crowds and rip them off quickly.

Hek Primary Weapon

In addition to builds, Hek has its own Rise of Scattered Justice mode, which provides punches and a unique ability. Gathering enough affinity with Hek will explode the damage of AOE and restore some of your health. There is no real secret, and just kill to survive.

Warframe shotguns also benefit from a higher level of opportunity, thanks to more particles from the target. You can use it to maximize the effects powerful situations where you won’t kill the target at first hit.


These are great versions of warframe, tested and tested by players. But despite everything, the Warframe community always offers new versions and Digital Extreme always adds new content. These are the most reliable and something you should try. Go ahead and experiment and find out which build is best for you!

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